Michel Pellerin has handcrafted over 200 personnally designed signature instruments to date. The potential of these instruments, hold in their essence a sonic grandeur, with rich textural tones and subtle nuances. His onsistency in the evolution of his guitars and harp-guitars is recognized by his mentors and now allows him to frequently exchange conceptual ideas with renowned luthiers as Mario Beauregard and Linda Manzer.

“Michel is definitely one of the leaders of the new generation of young guitarbuilders.” –Mario Beauregard

“Michel is one of the most exciting new innovative builders in the scene. I love what he does and always keep an eye on what he comes up with”  – Linda Manzer

Thanks to the competence and expertise of 2 precious guys, Michel has been working for more than fifteen years with François Paradis, whit whom he focuses on steel string guitar building as well as on research and development surrounding the frequencies developed by the instrument, where Claude Laflamme has no equal. This teamwork can moves mountains…


This following video is a tone comparison between saddles and nuts made by different materials such as White Tusq, Black Tusq, Bone, Fossilised Ivory Mammoth and Graphite.

Every saddle/nut material sounds different, some are highlighting more the high frequencies, or the low ones etc.They all sound different and depending on the sound of your instrument as well I hope it will help you to choose your favourite one.

***Use headphones or studio monitors for more detail on the differences!