Armrest Bevel

Originally designed by renowned canadian guitarmaker Grit laskin, this feature greatly increase ergonomy and comfort at the forearm while recuding the damping effect when you tend to rest your forearm on the soundboard.

Manzer Wedge

This ergonomic feature is an alternative to the “Armrest bevel” by leaving the soundboard vibrates overits entire width. The body has

progressive thickness: shallower on the bass side, and deeper on the treble side (what we remove on one side, we add it on other side).

This way, we have the impression of playing a smaller guitar because the forearm is closer to you. Same sound and air volume than standard model.

Fanfret (Multiscale) with pinless bridge

Fanned frets work by giving each string the optimal length to suit the pitch of the string. Lower pitched  notes are best and sound better with longer strings. Perfect option for alternates and drop tunings.

Art-deco upgrade

Michel’s personnal signature! This includes Art-Deco rosette (all original, upon inspiration), Segmented backstrip (with maple burl), a 12fret inlay and an special endgraft (following perfectly the inspiration and mood of the rosette). Each piece is unique!

Scratch plate (upon request)

This percussive tool can be made to your needs, following your specifications (price to be determined)

Spanish assembly (Integral neck design)

Inspired by traditional spanish classical guitarmaking, this feature (now adapted for steel string) helps for neck stability (combined with 2 carbon fiber rod reinforcement) and more sustain. All Pellerin guitars from Signature serie have this feature.

Florentine Cutaway or Scoop Cutaway:

An essential element for soloists with easy access to higher notes. The Florentine cutaway gives full access while the semi cutaway (called “scoop CW”) gives a moderate access, when you play in higher register just once in a while, but keeping the full power and tonal response of the lower register, specific for non-cutaway guitars.