Grand Auditorium CW Fanfret Quilted Mahogany – Lutz Spruce (with armrest bevel) – SOLD

This guitar was built for fingerstyle player, but great for flatpicker too. . Very precise and articulate instrument.


  • Soundboard: Lutz Spruce AAAA
  • Bracing system: GA CW multiscale 25-26” XXX
  • Bracing wood: 100 years old Red Spruce
  • Back and sides (doubled): Quilted Honduran Mahogany / quartersawn Mahogany
  • Neck: Honduran Mahogany (integral neck design)
  • Rosette: Custom (flamed Mahogany , Maple burl, Ebony and abalone)
  • Fingerboard (radius 16”): Gaboon Ebony (with Ebony binding and thin Maple purfling) Fanfret 25″ – 26″, with 12 fret straight , 22 frets
  • Frets : Medium-high stainless frets
  • Side dots: Mother of pearl
  • Headplates: Ebony Gaboon (front), quilted Mahogany (rear)
  • Headstock logo: Mother of pearl
  • Pinless Bridge: Gaboon Ebony
  • Bindings and armrest: Ebony (black), with thin Maple purfling
  • Purfling top : Abalone
  • Segmented Back strip: Ebony (black), Maple burl (middle section)
  • Assembly: Traditional Spanish assembly (Integral neck)
  • Inside finish: Shellac super blonde
  • Soundbox Finish: Polyurethane “high gloss”
  • Truss rod: Two-way rod with 2 carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Nut and saddle: Handcarved bone
  • Tuners: Gotoh 510 cosmo black, ratio 18 :1
  • Pickup: None
  • Case: Hiscox Artist Ivory
  • Special features: Spanish assembly, fanfret and armrest bevel

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