Grand Auditorium


Powerful volume, perfect balance between low and high frequencies. Flexible and versatile with excellent projection.

We want each note that is played to be well defined and balanced. Responsive lows, clear mids, and resonant highs, as well as harmonious and solid orchestration at both high and low volume are the features that make a guitar exceptional. This is what you can expect from every guitar bearing the Pellerin name.

Specifications (dimensions):

Body length: 508 mm / 20,000″
Upper bout width: 300 mm / 11,810″
Waist width: 250 mm / 9,843″
Lower bout width (maximum): 407 mm / 16,000″
Body depth at heel: 100 mm / 3,937″
Maximum body depth: 117 mm / 4,600″
Neck width at nut (Prestige Series): 44,45 mm / 1,750″
Neck width at nut (Signature Series): 45,70 mm / 1,800″
Neck thickness at first fret: 20,00 mm / 0,787″
Neck thickness at 10th fret: 24,50 mm / 0,965″
String spacing at bridge: 57,15 mm / 2,250″
Scale length (Prestige Series): 635 mm / 25″
Scale length (Signature Series): 647,7mm / 25,5″

*All Prices are in USD

    Available Tonewood for back and sides