Pellerin Guitars

The journey of a guitar maker:
25 years of sound and passion

After training as a guitar maker, Michel Pellerin worked for a short period of time in a guitar factory. He quickly came to realize that assembly-line work was not his cup of tea; he would rather devote his body, soul and energy to creating unique instruments of his own design.

When he began doing guitar repairs, he could see the mistakes that some companies were making. His innate attention to detail and desire to create outstanding guitars have remained his driving motivational force.

Pellerin has a unique ability to hear the vibrations of the wood even before the guitar is finished. For a few years, he passed this expertise on to students at Quebec National Lutherie School in his repair and finishing and varnishing classes. Some of the finest international makers also call upon his services for private lessons.

Pellerin’s quest for absolute perfection never ends. Through sharing his expertise, he never ceases to think and rethink his methods, striving to constantly improve his craft.

To date, Michel Pellerin and his work partner, François C.Paradis, have made and pushed the envelope of over 250 exceptional guitars.

A reputation that echoes worldwide

World-class guitar makers like Michel Pellerin are rare. That’s why even the greatest makers call upon his expertise for private lessons. All of them recognize Pellerin’s methodical approach of writing down all the distinctive characteristics of each guitar to ensure a continued improvement in his work. Pellerin has grasped the concept of energy transfer and the connection between the various parts of a guitar. He is a true virtuoso, always seeking the best results.

With full-on quality, play full on

Michel Pellerin has a solid understanding of living and organic materials. With his utmost skill, he is able to create instruments that stand the test of time. His technique is set like a metronome: there is no room for error. The design, the materials, the adjustments and the resonance must come together in a symphony. Michel Pellerin demands nothing less than the perfect note in perfect harmony.

Artisans at work

Here are Michel Pellerin and François C.Paradis in the workshop in full work of creation. Surrounded by wood species and instruments, Michel and François are in perfect harmony with their passion. Inspired and focused, they let all their musicality go to create guitars that transform the lives of musicians.

Guitars that rock

Over the years, Michel Pellerin and his business partner François C.Paradis have created more than 250 distinctive guitars — or “works of art”, which may be a more appropriate term. Here is a quick look at some of the most beautiful Pellerin guitars.

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